Sketches and Notes’s been a bit of a learning curve in terms of not actually drawing the defining lines but instead shading to infer they were there which gives a much better result I think.

Also in terms of texture instead of a pencil shading I used a graphite stick on its side which again gave a much better representation of ‘skin’.

Rather than drawing the sides of his nose I have tried to use the shape of his freckling alone to indicate the rise and fall of the bridge of his nose.




Currently working on a sketch of my youngest son’s eyes and freckles..



Note to self – drawings do not have to be perfect. Repeat.

I was working on an exercise and my five year old son Max wanted to draw as well..

Firstly the Pom Pom texture he captured I actually preferred to some of mine! He just drew with the freedom a child does.

Secondly he then knocked out a few fruit / veg. What interested me is that they were all very simple – as you would expect but straight away you know what they are. No need to make them any more complex.