Exercise 4 reflections

Second try on reflections..a light pink ceramic cup and a dark pink plastic bowl.

We have a sky light so the light was almost directly above.

Interestingly you could see the top of the building reflected on the side of the bowl..( right )

I quite liked that you can see the bowl in the cup and the cup in the bowl.

I wanted to give the two objects a different feel so used different shading techniques on the cup just to experiment a little.

Not my favourite exercise but it has certainly taught me a lot.

One, it’s fine to make a mistake, do not throw it in the bin whilst shouting at it – learn from it.

Two, charcoal and I may need counselling before we are friends again.



First attempt..

I’m not proud to say the picture below was exposed to a full on five year old’s tantrum ..only this time it was the mother.

I liked where the blue glass candle holder was going and it’s reflection in particular…unfortunately the champagne bucket was way too dark and the top of it didn’t work.

I resolved this by tearing it into tiny pieces and throwing it in the bin. On reflection ( see what I did there ) a little hasty. However now it smells of dog food and looks like confetti.