Assignment 1


*label of bottle to complete.

What went well:

I’m happy with the look and feel of the candle, biscuit and artists dummy.

I also like the light on the Aloe and the general feel of the bottle.

What could have gone better:

Using chalks for the Nurofen whilst it gave it a shine, I lost the ability to give it the detail I wanted.

Im not sure mixing some of the media together worked as well as I wanted it to. I would leave out the chalk going forward.

The bottle shape didn’t quite work but with charcoal as I have learnt it’s very hard to correct.

Im not sure about the balance of the picture in terms of the Aloe cream placement.

What would I do differently next time:

This took some time to complete and it was hard to keep momentum.

I need to set myself a timeframe and stick to it.

I also think I will experiment more with drawing the whole Picture in different mediums before deciding which would be the best to use.



This is taking some time..but nearly there.


Artists Dummy : Hopefully for useful reference as part of my course ( as opposed to its current use of funny and inappropriate poses )

Prosecco: Amazing special edition gold bottle. Can’t bring myself to throw it away.

Aloe Propolis Cream: Best face cream.. ever.

Digestive:Staple diet ( and or ginger nuts )

IKEA candle: cannot live without.

Ibuprofen: See gold bottle of Prosecco.



Initial sketch completed. The objective is to use the different Media I have experimented with over the last few weeks .. Specific to the item it might suit!

Therefore the candle as oil pastel, the candle stick as graphite, the ibuprofen is pastel chalks.

Ginger nut or Digestive.. to be decided.



Different angle, different glasses but still not finding them particularly appealing.



Starting to choose the the items for my first Assignment.

‘My survival kit’ …as it were.

Doodling tonight using every possible form of Media in my  tin..pastels, graphite, charcoal and pencil.

I will definitely include my beloved aloe cream.. but the glasses are somewhat ‘flat’ .